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2014 Conifer Chamber of Commerce business of the year finalist



Foothills Computer Service has been more than just a Computer fixer. They have provided our company with the technology advice and help in understanding new applications and getting them installed and workable with our employees; so we get the most out of our "tech dollars.' Dave personally has kept us at the highest level of function and technology use providing a great service to our business growth..


Tom Pinder

Acrow Bridge

Golden, CO

Genius. So awesome to work with. So thorough and so knowledgable. A gold nugget to mine in the mountains.


Jonathan Ramsey
Evergreen, CO

A1 Mountain Property Management produces a high volume of business and we are on our computers every day. As a property manager, it is crucial that our computers run efficiently and that our data is backed up properly. Since 2009, David Recker at Foothills Computer Service has always responded to our requests professionally, quickly and at a very fair price. He even diagnoses problems over the phone by logging into our computer remotely. A1 Mountain Property Management is very confident in Mr. Recker and feels he is very qualified to do a great job with anyone’s computer needs.


A1 Mountain Property Management

Conifer, CO 


Awesome Personal Service, Highly Recommend!!


Jess Covey

Evergreen, CO


"We are very pleased with the variety and breadth of services we have received from David Recker, Foothills Computer Service. Not only has he helped us with numerous computer programming problems and issues but he has also provided extremely valuable help and insights with regard to the telephone landlines and cell phones we use in our businesses. From our standpoint, he is the best."


David Erickson
Erickson, LLC
Evergreen, CO


“As a business that is heavily reliant on electronic communications and documentation, our company has been pleased to build a service relationship with Foothills Computer Service and David Recker. We have found their service to be prompt and reliable. Most importantly, David seems to always have the answer. He is on task and on target with his solutions resulting in savings over other consultants we have used both in downtime and in cost.”


David Figuli, Esq.
Figuli Group
Evergreen, CO


It gives me great pleasure to recommend Dave Recker, Foothills Computer Service. As an owner of a small business, I am often at a disadvantage compared to companies that have a dedicated IT staff. For 3 years Dave has stepped up to provide expedient services for some of the most extraordinary computer malfunctions. It’s almost like having my own IT staff. I used to freak out when a hard drive started to go bad. Today, I just turn off the computer and call Dave. Whatever the problem, I know he’ll fix it as fast as possible. When it was time to buy a new system, I paid Dave to provide consulting advice- I knew it would be worth it. It was so nice to turn over this complex decision to such a consummate expert. For those who are lucky enough to become his client, you’ll agree- Dave is a gem.


Casey Hein, BSDH, MBA
Casey Hein & Associates

“Outstanding service and quick turnaround. My laptop’s Outlook (email) was not working (no longer connecting to the MS server). It’s fixed--and now seemingly “connecting” faster—and working better than ever before. Thanks.”

Abe Jack

Evergeen, CO



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